Winter Photoshoot

Everyone tends to stray away from winter photoshoots for many reasons. Mostly because the leaves are gone, and the trees are bare. Oh and it's COLD. Winter can be a great time for photoshoots for many reasons, and quite possibly one of my favorite seasons to shoot in and I don't like cold weather! Winter usually provides the perfect lighting for any photographer to shoot in. Overcast skies, providing no shadows to fight. This makes your backdrops and options endless for photos giving you a great variety of photos to choose from. Even though all the odds are in your favor for photos and lighting, many times your outfit will stump you on what to go with. No color, cold weather, now what? I have compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you decide what to wear during your session in this post!

What you should wear:

Visible Layers: These are layers that will add depth and texture to your photos. These will not only provide you warmth but also give you endless options for things you can do with your hands in those awkward situations.Visible layers include: coats, scarves, hats, sweaters, faux fur wraps, and more. Then plan all the other outfits around that!

Hide Some layers: These layers are strictly for one purpose! WARMTH! You will want to hide these layers completely as they aren't the most photogenic. These are necessary layers to help keep you warm during your session. These Hidden layers include: thermal shirts and pants, fluffy socks (or 5) and maybe some hot hands in the pockets and your shoes!

Cute Accessories: These can serve multiple purposes! Warmth and visual interest to your photos. Without alot of background color and distraction this is a great time to show off some cool winter accessories. Fun gloves, hats, scarves, faux fur wraps etc! Order a cute coat and make it a statement to plan your other outfits around!

Appropriate Footwear: Winter can be cold, but also very wet, and squishy. So when you get dressed you will want to think of your foot wear. While you may want to wear the cute white boots with the heals, I can't promise you wont sink in the grass or they will come back white. Trust me I love a good pair of cute white booties for winter but they aren't the most practical. Wear something cute but also something you can shove layers in to keep your feet warm! If you schedule a session during the winter with me, you better believe we will be finding the best spots we can which might mean some walking in wet territory!

Colors: Winter is great for alot of colors! If you want your photos to feel timeless and you could leave up in your house for years to come, then go with those winter neutrals! Those include navy, dark greens, tans/browns/ivorys, and grays. These are all colors you will find in nature around you during winter. Feeling a bit different and want to really stand out? Now is your time to add the pop of color! A bright color like reds, hot pinks, etc. can really stand out against the neutral backdrop of winter and give you a fun twist!

Winter Props: Winter props are great for many reasons! If you are new to photoshoots they will give you something "to do" during your session and wont make you feel awkward! Bring some hot cocoa in a cute set of mugs, blankets you can use to sit on or wrap The Who fam up in! They add an extra layer to your session and to your warmth!

What not to wear:

Heavy Layers: While planning an outdoor winter session, people can tend to have TOO many layers just to keep warm. Bulky layers can add extra "weight" in photos which is usually the look you are trying to avoid! If you don't think your outfit will keep you warm during your session bring a heavy blanket, or winter coat to throw on in between shots! That will keep you warm, but avoid the overweight look in your photos!

Outfits that Show Skin: Outfits that show skin may be right up your alley! Most of the time though, you end up looking cold in your photos, mainly because you are cold! How you feel during your photos will often show in your photos. Therefore, if your showing too much skin or not wearing enough clothing you can end up looking cold in your photos! If you are wanting a look that shows more skin and are willing to brave the cold for it, then I am right there with you and will capture some beautiful photos!

Check out some of these beautiful winter photos we captured!