This Smash cake session planning started back before Thanksgiving! This little guy and his parents had a love for Chick-fil-A and knew that this was going to be his First Birthday theme! There can often be a lot going on when you throw in cow print, reds, and whites, so we decided to go with this white backdrop to really make sure everything stood out! Mom had all of the birthday party supplies still from the party that we added to the white backdrop! All the balloons used in the backdrop were from hobby lobby! They have the cutest farm theme section in the party isle if you are looking to go with that theme! Little guy was fully dressed in the cutest Chick-fil-A ONE red t-shirt that really helped his stand out from the backdrop!

I have been shooting Emerson since he was about 6 months old and we were holding him up to try to get a couple individual photos of him when I did Creekside Minis this summer! One thing we didn't have to do was make that little guy smile! He has been full of smiles and personality since I met him a few months ago, and this time was no different! He gave me lots of smiles and gave us lot of great photos! One thing I love to do during a cake smash session is get a good before and after picture of the cake! I love when photos tell a story and there is no better way to tell the story of a cake smash than a good before and after photo of their cake!

I think my favorite part about any smash cake session is the expressions you get on their faces! They are true, genuine expressions when they are given food! Some hate cake and some love it. Some eat face first and others like a spoon! Capturing some of these little expressions are my absolute favorite part and I know it will provide a good laugh for years to come! Don't we all wish we could be this cute while shoving cake into our face though?!

Sometimes toddlers are a little hesitant to dig into their cake with their hands. Its a different texture, taste, and the largest piece of food they have had in front of them! It only took one little spoon full to get this little guy on board to use his hands! After that first taste he couldn't resist! One detail I try to capture during every cake smash is the little details! Icing usually ends up everywhere! Hair, nose, ears, face, toes, and for this guy he almost sat on the cake at one point! I love to capture the icing everywhere and show off those cute little toddler details we all love!

Check out more of the adorable photos we captured during this smash cake session!