I love when I get to plan photoshoots that are different and unique to each family. When mom reached out to me about her sons 2nd birthday shoot at central dairy this spring I thought it was perfect! For a lot of young kiddos, it is hard to keep them focused or "posed" during a shoot! What I love doing best, is letting the kids be kids. Let them run, jump, and play during their session, that is where you will see the real smiles and personalities come out! So when mom brought up a shoot at an ice cream parlor, all I could think to my self is "what kid wouldn't love ice cream?!" so I knew this session was going to be great!

Central Dairy for many is very well know company, the historical ice cream parlor feels like home to those from the Jefferson City area. For many this ice cream parlor brings back memories of fun times with family members, or loved ones making it a special place for photos. For me this brought me right back to memories of my childhood camping with my grandpa, who passed away back in September of 2022. We would stop for ice cream at Central Dairy on our way to go camping or on our way home many times during my childhood. While these are very small moments in our lives, the seem so significant when you are older and can reflect.

For mom Central Dairy feels like home being from the Jefferson City area growing up. Passing along another generation of Ice cream cones, and bringing grandma and grandpa along to enjoy those moments was a joy to watch! I always hope that my photos will tell a story or create a memory for families to cherish. I am honored that I got to capture such a fun moment for this little guy as he grows up and I hope that the photos are treasured forever!