Just a heads up, in this post I am going to convince you to do the maternity session if you are on the fence about doing one! So be prepared mommas! This session was one that every photographer dreams of. The perfect soon to be parents, a love for a child they don't even know the gender of yet, and a love for each other that has EVERYONE emotional while doing their photoshoot.

Everyone is hesitant for a variety of reasons to get their photos taken! Whether it's maternity or any other session, they often have a hold back. When we walked into this session I wouldn't say they were hesitant or nervous, but just not knowing how awkward this would be for them! My SINGLE goal during a photoshoot is for the experience to be painless, fun and a memory! This photoshoot turned into just that. We laughed, we had fun, and they got a little emotional in the best way and my heart was here for it!

We decided last minute to throw in the maternity session and it was absolutely worth it. Watching these two together, and the love they have for their newest addition is absolutely perfect. Their connection and love was so strong that through the photoshoot it brought tears to everyones eyes with a wealth of love they were feeling during those moments together.

That is the true emotion I want to capture during a shoot. I want what I do, to mean something for someone else. To love not just the photos they get to cherish for years to come, but also the moment they were in when they took them.

Photography is meant to be more than just photos. It is meant to be cherished moments captured and shared forever. This little one will feel just that when they get to see these photos one day.