Choosing the right colors for your shoot is important!

Choosing the right color scheme for any photoshoot is VERY important! I'm sure you're thinking, come on it is just clothes...but there are so many things to consider when you're deciding on what you should wear. There are several things I tell clients to consider when choosing and planning out their session outfits!

  1. Season/Weather:
  2. This is the most important factor when choosing an outfit! Choosing an outfit does around the season does not only mean hot or cold temperatures. It also means choosing the right COLORS! You want your colors to bring out the place where you are taking your photos at as well as make you and your family the center of attention in your photos!
  3. During the winter months you'll want to choose deeper or darker colors to stand out from the dull backgrounds that winter can bring! During the spring and summer you will want to choose light and airy colors, pastels or vibrant colors like the flowers and foliage during the season!
  4. Home Decor
  5. I cant say this enough! THESE PHOTOS WILL BE HANGING IN YOUR HOME! You want to enjoy seeing them! Match your colors and style of your home to your clothing for your photos! Youll want to showcase those beautiful photos large and proud so make sure they fit your home decor perfectly!
  6. If your home is vibrant and colorful, then bring out those colors with (pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange!) You could even bring out your bright colors with prints!
  7. If you home is more neutral then keep those natural colors flowing by sticking with (grey, black, white, tan, etc.)
  8. Comfortability
  9. Last but not least! YOU NEED TO BE COMFORTABLE! If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing during your shoot, it will show in your photographs! These are about you and your family. You want them to look natural and comfortable, and if your clothing is not comfortable then your photos won't be either! Photo sessions are not the time to wear a dress you have never put on before! Wear that older dress that you are comfortable in and ROCK IT. You won't be sorry!

Below are some examples of colors and styles for Spring Sessions! Of course, these are only just examples to show you what each color might look like in an outfit form! Mix it up and have fun! Rock your session and your spring colors! If you need help deciding on what options might look good in photos, send me some pictures and I am happy to help you achieve the right look for your photos!