Custom branding photography for...

Sales driven, creative, and inspiring small business owners.

Standing out from the crowd in a large market can be difficult when running your small business. From personnel, products, and your presentation I can help wrap all of that together to make your business look professional and timeless with a lifestyle approach to your marketing images. Make customers feel like they know you and your brand before they reach your product. Making that instant connection that drives people to further navigate who you are and what you do!

Not all businesses should be treated the same...

Everyone has a different personality, approach, and goal for their business. Everyone has a different business or way the run their business so how do I know what to shoot?

  • Each shoot will be tailored around your goals for your business.
  • Are we wanting to promote yourself, family, products, atmosphere? What about your brand do you want to convey to others? These very questions are want you need to think about when we discuss your shoot!
  • Your shoot will consist of a variety of different types of shots that you can use in your marketing.
  • Bio photos for websites, working shots, products use, products for website promotion and purchase, and more!
  • I will break down the details of your brand and determine the essential images to convey to clients exactly who you are and what your brand is about.
  • Research, Research, Research! One of the hardest parts of setting yourself apart from others is also comparing yourself to others (guilty of this a lot).
  • I will do lots of research about competitors marketing, presentation, and products prior to your shoot that will give us the right information to drive your shoot in a direction that makes you stand apart from others, and catch the eye of those around you!

Ready to get started?

I offer different plans and packages to suit each business and what they need! Everything from basic packages for headshots, to a full year of custom branding photos that give you the ability to change and grow with your business!

Below are the packages and pricing! Take a look, when you are ready shoot me and email on the contact form to get started!

Check out our Pricing Packages

Basic headshots

I offer two different options for headshots! Your headshots can be done in a classic backdrop type fashion, or outdoor headshots that give you a different approach to traditional headshots. I offer 30-1 hour sessions for headshots. If you have a company with multiple employees needing headshots please mention that in the description.



Small business start up

Just getting started? Need some headshots, product shots, working shots, etc? Something to attach your brand to a website or print products? This will include a 1-2 Hour session specifically designed around your small business branding. Get creative images to show who you are as a brand to update your website, or business page.



Yearly Content Business

Does your business change during the year? You offer very seasonal products, events, etc? Constantly finding yourself needing to update your photos for clients to get the most out of your marketing? This package is it. With a monthly photo shoot you will get a full 12 months of photos. Plan shoots around your events, seasons, etc. and be fully prepared fo reach season and marketing with visually consistent images!



Let's build your brand!

To get started building your brand, tell me a few things to get started! My usual response time is 24-48 hours, need contact sooner? Message me on facebook to get started!